Start losing weight now and win cash prizes of up to 1000 USD.

Jump on the train of people striving to accomplish their weight loss goals and get the chance to win amazing prizes.
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You can start your weight loss journey today.

The decision you make about your weight today would shape your future. Join us today and get the required motivation to achieve your weight loss goals. Over 5000 USD to be won.
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What we do

A 90 Days weight loss program giving out amazing prizes.

The healthy loser challenge is a well-structured program that motivates people to lose weight, and awards those with exceptional results. We help individuals all over the world to achieve their weight loss goals through healthy living. In our past two contests, we recorded tremendous success as our contestants shed over 5,000 pounds, and testify also, that the effects of the contests are still influencing their lives and weight loss plans till date.

In the pioneer contest, we recorded shed of over 2,000 pounds from our contestants in just 10 weeks. The average loss per contestant was over 16 ponds, and prizes worth $7,000 were distributed as incentives to encourage exceptional contestants.
The second contest proved to be a greater success than the first, as a collective weight of over 3,000 pounds were shed by the contestants in the same space of 10 weeks. A total of $9,000 was used in the disbursement of incentives and awards to about 35 contestants, with the grand prize for the male and female categories as $1,500 and *free gas for a year.
No weight loss dream is impossible if you’re willing to put in the right effort.

I lost over 50 pounds in 90 days and won over $2000. If you need motivation and a plan to get healthy and lose weight, this is it. I loved the additional information available throughout the challenge. It helped me be more informed about options that worked for me. Thanks for offering such a great and well-structured program!”

Amazing Prizes

Achieve your weight loss goals and become a champion.

In order to create a level playing field for all body types, the winners are selected based on the percentage of body fat lost and not pounds.
1000 USD each for the top male and female.

We have two Grand Prizes; one for the top male and one for the top female who loses the most percentage of body weight. Each winner would go home with 1000 USD.

Milestone award for anyone that loses 5 pounds or more.

Anyone that loses 5 pounds or more will split 2500 USD

*Free Gas for A Year

When you lose a minimum of 5 pounds, you qualify for our draw and stand a chance to win a 50USD gas card per month for one year

"No waiting for a contest to begin, start when you’re ready, start today"
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At The Healthy Loser

Achieve Your Weight loss Goal Like a Champion.


Registration is always ongoing. Subscribe at a fee of $40 to join this current competition . The registration for each competition ends when we hit 250 participants, after which registration for the next 90 day competition begins.

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Each of the registered participants would be weighed in via a zoom call. The weigh-in call takes less than 15 mins. We would schedule your weigh-in call after your registration. After your Zoom weigh-in call, your weight loss journey can begin.

learn more about our Zoom call
Achieve Your Weight Goals.

We help you work towards achieving your weight loss goals while rewarding you every step of your growth!. We offer you everything you need to stay motivated to your weight loss goals. Over 5000 USD to be won in cash for each competition.

Our prizes
"Your contest begins the day you weigh in for 90 days. The prizes, however, are not awarded until after the 250th contestant does their final weigh-in. Depending on the contest, this could take a while depending on how long to fill 250 contestants. We ask you to focus on your journey, and the prizes will come soon enough. Once we have a few contests completed, we KNOW that this will be an ongoing seamless contest. We thank you for your patience as we change from a live weigh-in system to a virtual one"

The 3 Ms of Weight Loss Success.


Get the needed motivation to ensure that you stay true to your weight loss goals.


Get the needed knowledge, plans and structure to give you a headstart to achieving your weight loss goals.


Joining this challenge helps you take your goals and intentions and put them into action.

Ready to lose weight?

We’ll take the journey with you.
Everyday is a new Challenge

How we help you

  • An Effective weight loss program: With a proven record of helping people shed weight in little time, we can assure you of an effective plan to guide you through your weight loss journey in just 90 days.
  • Social Support: One thing that makes this contest stand out from conventional weight loss regimes is the availability of a team of contestants with just one goal- to lose weight. This social support helps your weight loss goals even more achievable.
  • Accountability: We would help you take the first step towards achieving your goals, then guide you through the process, to ensure you do not fall behind on your goals.
* Terms are subject to change.
What you get.
  • 40 USD USD Entry fee into the competition.
  • Zoom weigh-in during registration.
  • Final zoom weigh in.
  • Weekly updates of number and progress of contestants via email.
700 With over 700 contestants from two previous competitions, here are some testimonials.
All you need to know

Step to Step Guide on How to Participate in the healthy weight loss contest.

  • Step 1: Registration: Complete your registration by filling out the registration form by clicking on this link. Registration for each competition ends after we reach 250 contestants.
  • Step 2: Initial Weigh-in: After the registration has been done, you select a date for your initial weight-in call. Click here to find out more about the Weighing zoom call.
  • Step 3: 90 Days Process: After the initial weight, your 90 days start counting, and your weight loss process can begin.
  • Step 4: Weekly Update: We would send a weekly update via mail to all contestants. This update would contain valuable content and material to help your weight loss journey and valuable information about the contest.
  • Step 5: Final Weigh-in: At the time of the initial weigh-in call, You would book your final weigh-in call 90 days from that date.
  • Step 6: Prizes: One week after the 250th contestant does their final weigh-in, we will publish all winners and final weights on our website and send them to all contestants via email.
"In the last contest, over 5,000 lbs were shed and many more were not accounted for, We have a target of 10,000 Ibs for this new contest. Register today to achieve your weight loss goals and be part of this success story."
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Frequently Asked Question

  • There are two Grand Prizes for the top contestants in the male and female categories that lose the highest percentage of body weight. Each winner goes home with 1000 USD.
  • All contestants that lose a minimum of 5 pounds will split 2500 USD.
  • Any contestant that loses a minimum of 5 pounds will be entered into our draw to win *Free Gas for one year. The winner of the draw will receive a 50 USD gas card each month for 12 months.
  • The Registration fee is 40 USD. Payments are made using PayPal. Click here to access the registration form to join the contest today.
    After registration, our team would reach out to you to schedule a weight-in call. Our team would do the weight call via zoom within 48hrs of registration. After the weigh-in call, we would record your current weight in a spreadsheet, and then your 90 days would start counting. After the end of the 90 days, we would do a final weight. We would use the final weight in result from all the contestants to determine that competition's winners.
    The healthy Loser Weight Loss Challenge is for 90 days. The contest starts immediately after a contestant is weigh-in